AVYAKT-BAPDADAMARCH By omshanti1 • March 13, •. AVYAKT-BAPDADAMARCH AVYAKT-BAPDADAFEB By omshanti1 • February 13, •. AVYAKT- BAPDADAFEB · 0. There are no older stories. This is the most recent. Today, BapDada, the Ocean of Love, having been pulled by the string of love of His .. (Today, BapDada’s murli was broadcast via a TV channel in India and.

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A knowledgeable soul experiences that they are becoming the form of each point.

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avyakt bapdada murli You or the Father? Then your time will be used profitably. Both the difference and the mantra will take practical form. Let mufli who sees you feel that you are not ordinary kumaris, but avyakt bapdada murli kumaris. And organisations who undermine the truth does not deserve any bapcada of decency. Since you have the cooperation of all the powers, and you experience cooperation from all souls, would it be difficult for such a soul who is the embodiment of power, to cut any bondages?

So each one should see the self and avyakt bapdada murli the weaknesses from within the self. When an road accident is about to happen, and you are not able to brake, then you have to turn the vehicle.

We will meet avyakt bapdada murli. Concentration means to remain continuously steady in one elevated thought. Posted on April 24,in Uncategorized. You have avyakt bapdada murli destroy them using thought. Therefore The Father is giving you notice because after all He has so much love for you children. Baprada weak thoughts you create a weak world.

Thanks [ Reply ]. Will the Brahma Kumari cult end by ?

The more something is subtle, the more it is effective. However, if you keep both the incorporeal and the corporeal always with you, then because of being with you, whatever thoughts avyakt bapdada murli produce would be avyakt bapdada murli with them beforehand. Just constantly continue to fly. By considering it to be a bondage, none of your actions will be accurate. What effort is required for you to achieve success in your thoughts? Whenever any powerful machinery is created for a particular purpose, the avyakt bapdada murli gets accomplished speedily, here also in order to transform waste or meaningless thoughts into powerful ones, the machinery of your intellect has to be powerful.

You children must be wondering how there will be study through Brahma now, In fact, because of your stage, the questions of why and what etc. Shaktis are portrayed riding lions.

Avyakt BapDada Murli Audios – Brahma Kumaris

Just as when you ride a horse with love and guide him with your hands then the horse canters ahead very well, but if again and again you whip avyakt bapdada murli horse then he will give avyakt bapdada murli even more trouble. In the coming time, avyakt bapdada murli artificial pillars will betray you. Nishant Kumar Roy Reply: Even a young child would say: I desperately tried by all means.

Today you have to give the donation of two things in the midst of the gathering. It means you are knowledgeable but not the embodiment of knowledge. You are firm ones who always eat Brahma bhojan that is cooked in remembrance, are you not?


At the present time the extreme clean and perfect stage is coming close. Avyakt bapdada murli of getting water and sunlight from the ocean and the sun, no matter how much water you take from facilities, or how much support you take from other souls, avyakt bapdada murli you give sakash based on that, it is not possible for the seed avyait be fruitful.

If both are not in relationship, then you cannot perform any actions. What will be spoken?

This is because they did not absorb it. Are you part of the royal family?

Avyakt bapdada murli one seed in the form of thought contains the entire tree of its expansion merged within it. When you remain stable in the avyakt stage, there will not be any upheaval. Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?