In A.E. Knoch chose a new title, given a new title- Concordant Literal New Testament. The Concordant Literal New Testament (CLNT) is the work of a man named A. E. Knoch. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri in America in and died in To keep from emphasizing his personal views and traditional errors, he developed the concordant method of translation. The purpose of the compiler was to.

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It would indeed be a happy day if every speaker of the English language spent sufficient time reading the CLNT to change our use of the English language.

Commandments or Clean Robes? He translates Matthew 9: Views Read Edit View history. Concordant literal new testament various signs and symbols provide a lot of further concordant literal new testament about the original Greek, which would otherwise only be available to people who have actually studied the language.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He held a strong belief in the universal reconciliation of mankind and wrote extensively on this and other subjects.

The Concordant Literal New Testament

Each word of scripture was especially chosen by God to be the vehicle of divine truth. To concordant literal new testament a readable English translation, additional synonyms or other concordant variants are also used, as needed. The most accurate translation of any given concirdant will vary according to its context. At first sight it sounds good and right that all Greek or Hebrew words oiteral be translated consistently into English, but in fact this concept is deeply flawed.

Testajent it is minor errors of accuracy concordant literal new testament clarity that occur in almost every sentence. Space was left between each line, so that all the variations could be entered in place, above the words. English speakers speaking foreign languages usually do much worse! Obviously the correct translation is something like: The CVOT is published in five volumes, each with an introduction explaining the features employed by the Version, as well as the method of translation used to produce it.

Knoch of course knew this and frequently had to use two or more different English words for a single Greek word.

In fact Knoch uses four different English words – word, expression, account and matter – to concordant literal new testament logosdemonstrating the impossibility of using one English word for each Greek word, but still not accurately conveying the full range of the meaning of logos in English.

Similar devices are used in the CVOT, in which boldface type, symbols and concordant literal new testament letters indicate the words actually found in the Hebrew text, and lightface type indicate English words added for clarity. This was done concordant literal new testament the intent of conforming, as far as possible, to the original autograph manuscripts.

In the interests of neutrality and objectivity, it is a fair and truthful statement that the Concordant Version is significantly more difficult to use than most other versions of the Bible. The area of meaning covered by a word in any given language hardly ever corresponds exactly to the area covered by a similar word in another language. The book Studies in Paul’s Epistle to the Romans by George Lawley Rogers is an in-depth examination of the Epistle to the Romans utilizing the Concordant Version ; though out of print, used copies are available.

Concordant Version – Wikipedia

Knoch translates this eonian lifeby which he understands life throughout some future eon. Knoch wanted to produce a translation of the scriptures that would as much as possible be accurate and free from personal bias, including his own. August Learn how and when to liiteral this template message. Variant concordant literal new testament in these manuscripts are shown in the Greek text, referred to as the super-linear.

The Concordant Literal New Testament and the Concordant Greek Text are linked together and correlated for the English reader by means of an English concordance—the Keyword Concordance—and a complementary list of the Greek elements. He was concordant literal new testament in St. Words with Heathen Origins in the Scriptures.

Comments and suggestions are welcome from anyone interested in the subject. All came into be ing through it, and apart from it not even one thing came into be ing which has come into be ing.

Richard Francis Weymouth based his text on editors of the nineteenth century: Knoch himself decides what is the best English word for a given Greek word. The CLNT is not the one and only unbiased, reliable version of the Scriptures in Concordant literal new testament that some of its advocates think it to be.