All about Kularnava Tantra (Sanskrit Text with English Translation) by Ram Kumar Rai. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers . Kularnava tantra (Original Sanskrit Text) The Kularnava Tantra is held in high esteem by Kaula tantriks. The phrase Kularnava means ocean of Kula. It focuses . Author: Arthur Avalon Editor(s): M P Pandit / Taranatha Vidyaratna Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Year: / Language: multilingual. Pages:

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The magnificence of the Urdvhamnaya and the Shri Paraprasada mantra is thus declared to you, Devi.

Kularnava Tantra (Sanskrit Text with English Translation) by Ram Kumar Rai | LibraryThing

It focuses on the Urdvhamnaya, or Upper Tradition, the four others belonging to the four other faces of Shiva and representing the five elements of the tradition. This person, O Maheshani, previously initiated according to the genuine line parampara and kularnava tantra sanskrit the Shri Paraprasada mantra, becomes one with So-Aham, there kularnava tantra sanskrit no doubt.

Plainly, it is the very self of Shiva and no acts are known within it. I speak of them now because of your love. This upper form of Shiva is known as Ardhanarishvara, a form uniting both Shiva and Shakti kularnava tantra sanskrit one form, representing the union of the outgoing and ingoing respirations Ha and Sa.

Listen, dearest, I will tell you about the Urdvhamnaya out of my love for you. Its characteristics have not previously been spoken by me. His kularnava tantra sanskrit line is praiseworthy in everything, his kularnava tantra sanskrit and friends are complete.

Like the pairs Sachi and Indra, Rohini and the Moon, Svaha and fire, light and the Sun, Lakshmi and Narayana, Sarasvati kularnava tantra sanskrit Brahma, night and day, fire and the moon, tsntra and nada, Prakriti and Purusha, that which is and that which is not, enjoyment and liberation, Prana and Apana, word and meaning, that with parts and that without parts, happiness and sorrow and so forth and in all complements seen and heard by tantea, this Shri Paraprasada mantra exists in all, there is no doubt.

O Lady of Kula, a sadhaka achieves all kuoarnava, this is true, there is no doubt of it. The fruit of the Urdvhamnaya is greater than all other amnayas, the very quintessence. Whosoever in 1, previous kularnava tantra sanskrit knew Shaiva and the other paths and worshipped the mantras of the four amnayas will come to sing of the Guru.

As the size of the mustard seed is to a mountain, and as a speck of sand is to the sea, so is the extent of the magnificence of the Shri Paraprasada to my description.

Whosoever knows the Shri Paraprasada mantra has everything. Whoever recites Shri Paraprasada mantra times gains the merit of all sacrifices and all offerings, of all vows and of bathing in all of the sacred waters tirtha. How much more so for a person who knows all four. Whatever is desired is gained, for sure, plainly Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha kularnava tantra sanskrit within reach. The Urdvhamnaya is the Supreme!

The other thousands of mantras each give one single result but, Kuleshi, this king of mantras swiftly gives every kind of result. One like this has everything, is worshipped, gains knowledge, is effulgent, happy, free from disease and from recitation of the Shri Klarnava mantra gains kingship, heaven and liberation. Whosoever knows this amnaya, O Devi, has everything.

The knower of kularnava tantra sanskrit Shri Paraprasada mantra may do whatsoever he wishes, if, having heard that mantra he should meditate on it.

Ambike, the Urdhvhamnaya is the tantr secret of all secrets, the very essence of the whole of the absolute Brahman. There is nothing greater than this, whether it be Guru, Tattvas, Shiva, other devas, Vidya, Kaula, Darshana, Kula, knowledge, that which kularnava tantra sanskrit beyond knowledge, happiness, the eight limbs of Yoga, sadhana, nay, not even liberation.

This sxnskrit true, Varanane! As in all worlds one should worship kularnava tantra sanskrit, dearest, so in all amnayas one should worship the Urdvhamnaya.

The eastern amnaya is creation, the southern amnaya maintenance, the western amnaya dissolution and from the northern amnaya comes grace.

So too is there a myriad of lesser mantras from the amnayas, spoken by me to kularnava tantra sanskrit for the grace of the world.

What else do you wish to hear? Just as the absolute is sanwkrit parts, Devi, and as wind moves the stem of the palm, and as the shoot is in the seed, and as sesame oil is in the sesame plant, and as brightness is in the sun and as the moon is in moonlight, and as fire kularnava tantra sanskrit latent in wood, and as perfume is in flower, and as substances are dissolved in water, and as meaning is in sound, and as Shiva is in Shakti, and as ghee is in milk, and as colour is in fruit, and as sweetness is in sugar, and as coolness is in camphor, and as mantra favour exists in mantra punishment, and as divinity is in an image, and as movement is in the breeze, so also this universe exists in the Shri Paraprasada mantra.

Kuleshvari, it is attained kularnava tantra sanskrit meditation, is without form, the supreme absolute, without kularnava tantra sanskrit, pure, eternal, kularnava tantra sanskrit qualities, all pervading, the eternal imperishable thing, whose sphere of action is sans,rit the realms of speech and mind. If even a dog-eater becomes liberated by knowing the mantra essence of Shri Paraprasada mantra, how much more so one snaskrit knows its practice? These divisions do not exist in the Urdvhamnaya, O lady of Kulas!

Wherever he dwells, Shri Vijaya Victory dwells also. Now, Kuleshani, the magnificence of the mantra is revealed. After knowing this quintessential and boon giving mantra, one always becomes steady, Dear One. So the kularnava tantra sanskrit of the Urdvhamnaya is declared to you by me. What is the use of many words? By reciting it, one gains both enjoyment and liberation, of this there is no doubt.

Just as by using the philosopher’s stone, iron becomes gold, so by the recitation of the Shri Paraprasada mantra, a beast pashu becomes a lord of beasts Pashupati.

The mantra called Shri Paraprasada is the chief mantra situated in the Urdvhamnaya.

Kularnava Tantra (ENGLISH + SANSKRIT TEXT)

This Shri Paraprasada mantra tatra the chief of all mantras. Clearly, he becomes Shiva. Kularnava Tantra You are speech. What use here kularnava tantra sanskrit much speech?

The five amnayas are born from my five faces are the east, the west, the south and the north and the upper, the five amnayas renowned for bringing liberation moksha.