HP Application LifeCycle Management (ALM) is the latest incarnation of flagship test management tool Quality Center (QC); These tutorials are designed for. This file provides the following information about Mercury Quality Center .. If you run the test set in the Automatic Runner, only one of the two manual tests. QC Tutorial for beginners – Learn QC (Quality Center) in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Architecture.

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Important changes have been made to the database schema structure. To track the customer requirements 2.

If you are using Winrunner, you need to make sure that backward compatibility property of the application to true. Installation Instructions For system specifications and installation instructions, refer to the Mercury Quality Mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial Installation Guide. Rename the component to fishand then back to Login. Otherwise you will be unable to open the component for editing in QuickTest and business process tests containing these components qualiry fail.

Mercury Quality Centre

We generate the graph in the mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial lab for daily report and sent to the on site where ever you want to deliver 5. I like to make out the print Marcy Lu. When you upgrade large projects with a database size greater than 2 GBit is recommended that you increase the RBS size for the duration of the upgrade so that it has at least 3 GB free.

There are a number of issues to consider when copying and pasting components. Parent Requirements nothing mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial title of the requirements, it covers high level functions of the requirements Child requirement nothing but sub title of requirements, it covers low level functions of the requirements.

It has a very simple interface and it makes the task of mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial teams very easy qualityy giving an easy interface to manage and organize activities like Requirements coverage, Test Case Management, Test Execution Reporting, Defect Management, and Test Automation. Test Labs can be created, specific to the release and execution of test cases specific to release can be managed very easily using this concept. This part is used for all the administrative activities.

The test cases will be loaded in the test plan module 3.

Database Schema Changes

To allow API scripts to connect to newly-created projects, two new functions have been added: Do not select a project that is located on a different mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial to the server to which you are currently connected. Enter your email address: E-Mail will not be published required.

Execution times for a business process test iteration in the Last Run Results may not be accurate. Site content and availability may change without notice. For a more detailed explanation of the changes to mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial database schema structure, refer to the TestDirector for Quality Center Knowledge Base http: All other company, brand and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

It provides traceability from requirements to test cases to qualigy execution to defects. What is meant by test lab in Quality Centre? Export the test cases into Quality Centre It will contained total 8 steps 2. Test Director and Quality Center. Download the CHM files to your client machine. You must not delete or move the vcs directory. Once the execution is started. The issues described below relate to working with business components and business process tests in Quality Center.

Ensure that the Quality Center server and Mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial Center client use the same default encoding.

You must reconnect to the remote machine and restart the installation process.

For information on issues related to working with business components in QuickTest Professional or WinRunner, refer to the relevant product’s readme file. Add this user to the Viewer group in addition to the custom group. To design the test cases and to store the test scripts 3. To log a defect and to track the logged defects.

Mercury Quality Center Readme

This applies when working with an existing project where the repository is stored in the database. Mercury Quality Center is a web-based test management tool having several capabilities, such as scheduling of tests, and the logging of results, progress tracking, incident mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial and test reporting. The status of the other test is listed as Running but the test does not run.

Req Run and report bugs from your test cases in the test 90 module. Is there a licensed version. If the test cases are already linked to the requirements, then after each test cycle the management will mercury quality center 9.0 tutorial able to trace what requirements have been tested. This can be accomplished by just right-clicking and choosing appropriate options.

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