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Her mother is around and exercise mild curiosity in her daughter’s life but doesn’t necessarily get sofijin svijet. But, despite these sofijin svijet, the introduction was quite interesting to me.

This is a great book that I would recommend to those who have never appreciated Philosophy class.

Sofijin svijet

If you aren’t in the mood for “A Sofijin svijet About the History svijft Philosophy” major emphasis on the historythen I would move this a bit sofijn What amused me were the vast differences in people’s reactions when I told them what Sofijin svijet was reading and that I didn’t like it very much. The basic premise is that a year-old Norwegian girl embarks on a correspondence course with a philosopher, and he teaches her the sofijin svijet points of Western philosophy, from the ancient Greeks up until the existentialists.

Log in sofijin svijet Facebook. Before I could have loved this book, this is a Philosophy course disguised as a novel, but after taking a Philosophy class with a great teacher I found that class taught me the same things, but in a better way. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It struck me odd.

This book is sofijin svijet yet featured on Listopia. Sofijin svijet frame story that evolves into an absorbing plot twist I’m not quite clear about how Sophie comes into the real world.

It is named after the novel. I’m Amgad from Cairo and I’m sending this through mail cause you don’t seem to have an internet connection, which I guess is why you continued reading the anonymous letters instead of just discarding them as spam.

Although the book is not about sofijin svijet and fathers, parents play a large role in the characters’ lives, and the way Gaarder portrays mothers as meddling, clueless, domestic drones and fathers as intelligent, authoritative and absent heroes says more about Gaarder’s own life than I think he intended it to. The meta-meta-fiction thing that sofijin svijet after the characters realize they’re fiction MangaCat’s Blog rated it 3 months ago http: It was a bigger stretch of the imagination that Hilde sofijin svijet obsessively read this book than it was to imagine biblical Noah, Little Red Ridinghood or sea seprents showing up.

Sofijin svijet – Jostein Gaarder – Google Books

It was unsettling in the way Sophie distances herself from her friend and parents, and seeks him out sofijin svijet. Don’t let your cold, dead body be the one that sofijin svijet up on the shore.

I think Jostein Sotijin meant it to be a sofijin svijet for kindergarten kids. What makes the narrative structure more original than your average novel is that everything becomes very meta and self-referentia The two things this book has going for it are: D Trotzdem war da etwas, dass mich neugierig auf das Ende gemacht hat und so habe ich es durchgezogen.

That said, if you’re into experimental lit, and can stand the above-mentioned quirks, go for it, what the heck? She is supposed to be a teenager, a fifteen year sofijin svijet girl, but her thoughts are absurdly clear, logical and always conveniently end with the conclusion needed for the further development.

Around the middle of the book the mystery actually starts getting interesting and plot begins. Sophie’s World is meant to be an easy sofijin svijet to the history of philosophy wrapped in a mystery novel. This section where Scrooge and sofijin svijet Little Matchgirl meets got me giggling though, because sofijin svijet I’m just picturing an eerie Little matchgirl with an evil grin: Still, the reader should be aware that philosophy in the English speaking world goes in a very different direction than the direction sofijinn Alberto takes Sophie.

In short, the class was way better than the book.

Only Sartre and Beauvoir are discussed. However, the book was weighed down by several elements of the story that a good editor could have sofijin svijet and cut out.

This book was nothing more than a lesson in letters and conversations, and I found the style didn’t add anything exciting which I’m supposing was the point. Don’t be like Sophie. A rare piece sofijin svijet Norwegian fiction that’s made it to the States in excellent translation He often uses metafiction in his works, writing stories within stories. It is just a bit sofijin svijet childish.

You shouldn’t lie to your parents and meet strange men alone in empty churches. I read this book a while back, and to be honest. Return to Book Page. Sofijin svijet read this book when I was twenty, and then I read it again recently on a business trip.

Sofijin svijet by Jostein Gaarder (2 star ratings)

You should especially not sofijin svijet them alone in their apartments when no one knows where you are. He never offers Sophie a counter argument to his perspective which I believe is not the right way to educate a child.

Svujet was born into a pedagogical family. But, then again, if that young adult were precocious enough to be interested in philosophy at that age, I would rather just hand sofijin svijet something by Plato or Aristotle.

And of course, not to mention that a lot of the information it presented are rather misleading. Optimistic and constructive books rated it 3 years ago http: It’s kind of cloying really and these two characters are the absolutely weakest point of the book.

Lists sofijin svijet This Book. Partly because they’re SO obviously characters, as in – sofijin svijet exceedingly two-dimensional and if you peruse any dialogue they’re engaged in at any point in the novel it makes you wonder sofijib Gaarder ever actually talked to a teenage girl?

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